Tofiga set to redefine ‘Island time’ on his new radio show

Legendary comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i is set to ride the airwaves on his new Auckland-based Radio 531pi show, ‘Island time’.

Tofiga Fepulea’i best known for his sketches in the comedy duo ‘The Laughing Samoans', will spearhead the new show with co-host and seasoned journalist, Inangaro Vakaafi. 

The pair aspire to re-invent the ‘Island time’ narrative. Fepulea’i says the show will be an opportunity to celebrate and share Pasifika stories. 

“I believe our stories can do a lot of things, they can inspire and heal people

“I want to get more of our stories out there for people to be able to listen to and share with others.”

‘Island Time’ will air weekdays 9am to midday starting Monday 27th June. Tofiga says listeners can expect to hear another side of him. 

“My vision for the show is to continue to be myself as an entertainer but also show more of Tofiga as the father, husband and passionate Pasifika male that I’ve grown to be through my upbringing, my faith and culture,” says Fepulea’i.

Despite stepping into this new role, Tofiga says things will not slow down on the comedy front. 

“I think they both, radio and comedy complement each other

“Being able to be the funny Tofiga and comedian Tofiga on stage, and on radio sharing the complete and real Tofiga you see out in the community.”

The show will be broadcast from the Pacific Media Network Wellington studio, Tofiga says he is glad to be based close to home, near family. 

“Being based in Wellington we will be able to share a lot more of what is happening in Wellington and our communities down here

“I’m really looking forward to going on-air starting next Monday”.


Photo Tofiga website   Caption: Legendary comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i