143 cases of dengue in Fiji

Fiji’s Ministry of Health has recorded 143 cases of dengue fever, just six weeks into this year.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health, the Western Division recorded the highest number of cases with 88 people tested positive for dengue fever.

The Northern Division has 30 cases and the Central/Eastern Division has 25 cases.

The ministry is expecting the numbers to increase if members of the public do not strongly adhere to warning and preventative measures put in place by the ministry.

“The Health Ministry is urging the public to take immediate actions to destroy dengue mosquito breeding places. Removing dengue mosquito breeding places will ultimately lead to a decrease in the number of dengue positive cases,” the ministry stated.

“The ministry needs the assistance of the public in its fight against disease spreading mosquitoes.

“The public is also reminded that dengue mosquitoes breed around human dwellings and in man-made receptacles that collect stagnant water such as flower pots, flower pot plates, roof gutters, tins, cans, unused tyres, coconut shells, airconditioning trays (as water collects there), blocked drains and drums.”

The ministry is again requesting members of the public to use mosquito repellents, safe mosquito coils and mosquito nets.

Early symptoms of dengue fever are high fever, nausea, loss of appetite and generalised body pain.

“It is important to cover water stored in drums and other water containing units.

“Any gardening tools such as watering cans and wheelbarrows should be overturned or left empty,” the Health Ministry said.