Alarming: Sea-level rise in Solomon Islands doubles global average

The current sea level rise in Solomon Islands of 7.7mm/year is one of the highest in the world compared to global average of 3.2mm/year.

Director of Solomon Islands Meteorological Services David Hiba who is now studying at Reading University in the UK said the current sea level in Solomon Island is more than doubled the global average.
“This is the net sea level rise after filtering out noises such as tides, earth movement, meteorological factors etc,” Hiba said.
He explained the rate is both from satellite measurements and gauge measurements (Mbokona Bay wharf) and also tectonic movement (earth’s movement) is measured by a Continuous Global Positioning System (CGPS) installed at the Met Office at Vaya Ridge.
Climate change is taking the front-line again as regional experts on the issue ready to gather in Honiara later this month.
The Solomon Islands Government, through the Solomon Islands Meteorology Service (SIMS) is hosting two meetings to address the issues of climate change and natural disasters from a Meteorological Service responsibility.
The meetings will be held back to back at the FFA Centre in Honiara, between 14-18 of this month.