The Australian millennials desperate for vaccines

The hot, new thing that young people want in Australia right now? It's not the latest Yeezy sneakers or an iPhone - it's a Covid vaccine, preferably the much coveted Pfizer.

For most millennials it's off-limits right now, a reality many argue is holding them back - and risking their future.

Four months into Australia's vaccine programme, most people aged under 40 still aren't eligible to get the jab. The country has been running a rollout in stages based on age and vulnerability.

The process has also been held up by supply issues, delivery failures and concerns over the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Earlier this week in Sydney, the BBC observed a long queue outside a vaccination hub made up of many people who appeared to be millennials, aged between 25 and 40.

Some qualified for the jab despite their age because they were a household contact of a frontline worker. They jumped at the chance to be vaccinated.

Julia Bald, a 28-year-old music writer, walked out of the clinic injected with "this marvel of modern medicine" and a sense of elation.

"I think everyone's desperate to get it now," she told the BBC, referring to her friends.

"You know that classic meme?" she says, referencing a skit where US internet comedian Eric Andre throws himself at a fence. "Everyone's just like: 'Let me in! Let me in please! I want it now!'".