Combined total of 65 years jail for Tahiti drug dealers

A French Polynesian court has sentenced 20 people to up to seven years in prison for their role in a vast marijuana production and distribution network.

They were found guilty of growing the drug on Tahiti Iti for sale across the Society Islands through a network of dealers from 2010 to 2014.

The head of the organisation Marvin Ah-Min was given a seven-year prison sentence and a $US90,000 fine.

He had already been in detention as part of an investigation into the distribution of methamphetamine.

The other defendants were given shorter prison sentences which combined add up to a total of 65 years.

According to the prosecution, it was the biggest drug ring of the past decade.

A defence lawyer noted the severity of the sentences and added that one cannot deny that hundreds of families in French Polynesia make their living with drugs.



Photo: 123RF