Evacuation alert in Victoria as downpours continue

Flooding in Victoria has prompted more than 1500 calls for help to emergency services, as forecasters warn the worst of the deluge is yet to come.

Heavy rain continued to fall across much of the Australian state and authorities prepared for possible evacuations in the north-east.

The state is enduring what the weather bureau says is an "unprecedented" deluge that could bring three months' of rain in three days, with another 150mm forecast to fall in some areas.

While the threat has eased somewhat in Melbourne, emergency workers are paying particular attention to the north-east ranges, where significant flooding is expected and warnings have been issued for the Ovens and King rivers.

People have been advised to prepare to evacuate low-lying areas of Myrtleford along the Ovens River. People in Harris Lane and Wallace Drive on the Buckland River were also issued a prepare-to-evacuate notice. Authorities said properties could be inundated or isolated and the bridge could become impassable.

The state emergency service (SES) was expecting the evacuations to take place during the morning, ahead of the worst of the downpour.

SES state agency commander David Tucek said more than 1500 requests for assistance had been received since the start of the rain event, including from parts of Melbourne and locations such as Echuca and Euroa in the state's north-east.

"Generally it's been related to flooding more so than anything else, so sometimes it's been water coming up close to people's properties and there's been a lot of water coming in through gutters, windows and the like," he said.

"Some of the rainfall's lessened off around Melbourne parts, however we've certainly seen the rain continue in a very heavy fashion up around north-eastern parts."

The heaviest falls have been recorded at the Strathbogie Ranges, where Mt Wombat recorded 190mm of rain.