Fiji Elections Office gives time frame of results

Fiji can expect to know who will form the next government by Sunday according to the Fijian Elections Office.

With Election Day on Wednesday, the FEO said there will be provisional results rolled out all night until 7am Thursday.

All the results will be loaded and the outcome will be released at least four days after poll day.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said this all depends on what happens with the provisional results.

“This is not predictable unless, of course, it’s a major difference in votes. But if it is not conclusive by 7am like the US election, you will have to wait until we finish data entry of all the results in four days.”

Saneem said there are also other factors at play when it comes to the time duration of four days.

“If there is no force majeure event, then. That means if there is no forced adjournment of polling in any of the stations then it’s four days. Otherwise, it will determine by forced majeure. If another part of Fiji is not able to vote on the day, of course we will have to adjust.”

Polling begins at 7.30am and ends at 6pm on Wednesday.