France and French Polynesia sign development accord

The French President, Francois Hollande has signed a development accord with French Polynesia's President Edouard Fritch, the Elysee Accord, a precursor to the Papeete accord which is in preparation but hasn't been signed yet.

This deal follows the French President's visit to French Polynesia last year and looks at co-operation between Paris and French Polynesia towards the territory's development.

Francois Hollande said it was above all a political accord which will place French Polynesia in the republic and something that can no longer be questioned, Edouard Fritch added that the text opens symbolically to the recognition of France's nuclear legacy and its consequences.

France tested nuclear atomic weapons from 1966 to 1996 in Mururoa and Fangataufa.

The accord also claims to improve the compensation for nuclear test victims, and its second part looks to develop public infrastructure and the local economy, supporting communities and private initiatives towards the development of tourism.


Photo: AFP Francois Hollande visits French Polynesia