Hawaiian navigator witnesses impact of climate change during global voyage

An apprentice navigator on Hawaii's well known ocean sailing vaka, the Hokule'a, says climate change was evident on the journey around the world.

250 people served as crew members at different times on a journey that relied heavily on traditional navigation by the stars.

Jenni Ishii from the Polynesian Voyaging Society, says it is important to look after the earth's resources and to not take things for granted.

She said that a physical challenge was navigating changing and extreme weather patterns.

"You know once we left the Pacific, everything changed, and all the forecasts were changing with us. Because it was one of the hottest years with El nino and so that really changed our sail plan and it made us be aware that we can't just rely on the old data that this earth is changing and that it was really important to share that this world is changing and that we really have to pay attention now," said Jenni Ishii.

Hawaii put on a big celebration to welcome the return of the Hōkūle'a over the weekend.


Photo: 'Oiwi Tv / Kaipo Ki'aha The Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Hōkūle'a, set out on a trip around the world in 2013 to promote traditional sailing techniques and marine conservation.