More shipping woes for American Samoa's Manu'as

American Samoa's Manu'a islands are again without a dedicated inter island ferry.

The government boat MV Sili took on water while docked at Ofu harbor in Manu'a at the weekend.

A valve was left open and water seeped into the engine room damaging one of the boat's generators.

Meanwhile the government's new $US13 million dollar vessel, MV Manu'atele, which made a sea trial to Manu;a yesterday will return with the damaged generator to be fixed on the main island Tutuila.

The Manu'atele, which arrived Janaury 4th from the shipyard in Washington state where it was built, has yet to be certified by the Coast Guard for passenger and cargo operations.

When there are no boats to run between Tutuila and Manu'a, the government charters the Samoa government's vessel, Fotu o Samoa.


Photo: RNZI/Monica Miller (New American Samoa inter island ship MV Manu'atele)