Papua New Guinea PM Marape to announce full cabinet Tuesday

Prime Minister James Marape says an MP does not have to be a minister to change Papua New Guinea for the better.

He said this is a message to all Government MPs as he prepares to announce his full Cabinet on Tuesday (23 August) and as a week-long Parliament induction for new MPs starts Monday (22 August).

PM Marape stressed that an ordinary MP could transform PNG for the better if he or she put “200 per cent” effort into their job.

“We are now almost 47 years old as a nation and we will be 50 soon, yet, our country is in a diabolical state,” was his message to Government MPs.

“We all have to work very hard to fix it. 

“As I settle with who to fill in Cabinet and vice-ministry positions on Tuesday, I will not be able to satisfy all of you, so I beg your understanding and I will do my best to ensure that your role as MP is well supported.

Our Coalition Agreement, as well as having all provinces and regions fairly represented, will be considered when making the line-up.

“In the line-up, I also hope to match ministers with department heads, who can deliver the outcomes we want for our people.

“We are here not to enjoy the ambiance of the office of an MP but to achieve national outcomes. 

“Hence, let us rally in our collective talents and get work done. Together we can; on your own you cannot!”

PM Marape urged all MPs, whether a minister in the new Cabinet or not, to work harder for the good of PNG.

“Time flies and it must not be wasted,” he said.

“I campaigned hard with my Pangu Pati on certain priorities to better PNG, and these will be attended to with no second-chance mindset.

“Those of you who will be in the National Executive Council must be PNG patriots to put the country first and your district last, urged Marape.


Photo RNZ   Caption: James Marape returns as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea