Pasifika urged to use their voice this election

An NGO is urging Pasifika in New Zealand to make their voice count in the general election.

Advance voting has been open for five days with more than 370-thousand people already completing the ballot at the booths, and October 17 is election day.

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) said election time is a good time for the Pacific community, especially youth, to engage in what each political party stands for.

"Pacific families must have honest conversations with each other about what the benefits are for different policy options," according to the acting Chief Executive of the PCF Fiso John Fiso.

"We have to utilise that voting power, to best align our values to the party that are wanting to represent us, and so I think we do think have to make informed decisions," he said.

And that's about getting the information about all of the referendums, it's getting the information about policies and then figuring out whether that is the direction of travel that we as a Pacific island family want to take."

It is important Pacific people are actively part of finding the solutions to the challenges we face," he said.

"We need more effective policies and a strategic mind set shift that will contribute to better health, and educational outcomes, more home ownership, and not just jobs, but higher incomes, and business ownership, for Pacific people."