Second fish falls from sky in Auckland

A stormy Thursday morning brought more than just rain to a downtown Auckland café.

James Wakefield, manager of No. 1 Queen Street Café in Britomart, was pulling the café sign down at about 8am this morning when something unusual happened. 

"I noticed a flash out of the corner of my eye, looked around and saw a fish on the ground," he told Newshub.

Mr Wakefield says his first reaction was to Snapchat the incident, "as you do".

He assumes the fish was a "seagull's breakfast" that had been dropped as it was flown over downtown Auckland. 

The unusual incident comes less than a week after a man was struck in the face by a falling flounder at the Parnell Baths.

Mr Wakefield isn't sure what species of fish the café's unexpected visitor was, but thinks it might have been a piper - a long, thin coastal fish known for occasionally leaping out of the water.

After leaving the dead fish on the floor for a while to show colleagues and customers, Mr Wakefield returned it to its final resting place - the waters of Queens Wharf.

"I got some funny looks taking it across the road."

His colleague Darrelle McWilliams says two fishy incidents in one week is no coincidence.