Vote for prime minister to take place in Fiji's Parliament

Fiji's newly-elected government will decide who is to be prime minister when Parliament convenes on Saturday.

The President of Fiji issued the proclamation informing political parties the first sitting following the 2022 general election would take place at 9.30am FJT.

This followed opposition parties announcing the formation of a coalition agreement, giving them a majority of seats in Parliament.

For the second time in the last 72 hours, cheers of joy erupted in the capital after the king-maker, Social Democratic Liberal Party (Sodelpa) announced it had joined forces with the People's Alliance (PA) - National Federation Party (NFP) bloc.

The decision was made by Sodelpa's 26-member management board through a secret ballot where 13 voted in favor of the PA-NFP alliance and 12 for FijiFirst, ending the latter's eight-year reign. One of the votes was declared invalid.

The party's outgoing leader, Viliame Gavoka, said democracy had won.

"We went into it fully committed to ensuring that we have the best for this country.

"We believe and we have agreed on a way forward that benefits this country going forward," Gavoka said.

PA leader, Sitiveni Rabuka welcomed the news.

"This decision has come up by Sodelpa very quick and we acknowledge the sacrifice on their part," Rabuka said.

"I am grateful and honoured that they have decided to go along with the two-party coalition choice for the leadership of Parliamentary group and government."

Singing the same tune, NFP leader Biman Prasad was ready to get to work.

"I am personally delighted because I always believed the NFP, PA and Sodelpa would be natural partners in a government," Biman said.

"I have worked with Sodelpa in government ... after the results I was quietly confident that together we would provide a government for this country that people would be proud of."