Women in Marshall Islands more willing to seek protection orders

During the first six weeks of 2017, the Marshall Islands High Court has seen the most ever violence protection requests from women seeking safety from abusive partners.

Five cases have been filed so far this year, putting Majuro on track to set a record for domestic violence protection orders.

The latest cases include the first-ever jailing of a man for violating a court order to stay 200 feet away from his victim.

Last year there were 12 domestic violence protection orders requested and in 2015, 10 were filed.

In 2014, there were none.

The steady rise reflects the High Court streamlining its process for filing these "temporary protection order" requests so the individual seeking help does not need a lawyer for the process.


Photo: Supplied/ Hilary Hosia (The Marshall Islands Courthouse in Majuro, the capital, which in the first weeks of 2017 has already seen five domestic violence cases brought before judges).