The handbag that costs as much as a house

How much is a handbag worth? Say £100? Maybe £500? Perhaps even £1,000?

How about handing over $380,000 (£279,000) for one bag - and a second-hand one at that?

For that price, you could buy a house in the UK (where the average dwelling costs £223,285, according to the Halifax) and still have plenty left over.

Yet astonishingly last year someone did pay that amount of money for a rare 2014 Himalaya Birkin - a matte white handbag by Hermes.

It was fashioned from Nilo crocodile hide and adorned with 18-carat white gold and diamond-encrusted details.

While £279,000 is a record breaking price tag for this "holy grail" of handbags, it is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the increasingly lucrative market for buying and selling pre-owned luxury "arm furniture".

High-end bags have come a long way from the days when Princess Grace of Monaco used an Hermes Sac a depeches to hide her growing baby bump from the paparazzi. It was subsequently renamed the Kelly bag after the former Hollywood star.

Expensive handbags are now ubiquitous among celebrities such as reality TV personalities Kim Kardashian West and her mother Kris Jenner.

However, these bags are no frivolous trinkets.

Auction house Christie's says the global pre-owned luxury handbag market has jumped from being worth £5.1m in 2011 to £26m in 2016.

Heritage Auctions believes that the worldwide secondary auction market for the "ultra high-end bags" is between $75m and $100m "and growing".

In investment terms, these assets can offer a huge return on your cash.

Investment bank Jefferies reckons that some bags can generate returns of about 30% a year.

Handbags made by Hermes, the French luxury goods house, are the most sought-after.

Rachel Koffsky, a specialist in handbags and accessories at Christie's, says Hermes handbags "have been crafted in the same way, in the same materials for decades, whereas many other brands have been inconsistent in production over the past 100 years".

She adds that the three best-known bags - the Kelly, the Birkin, made for the singer and actress Jane Birkin, and the Constance, named after the fifth child of Hermes designer Catherine Chaillet - "have remained virtually unchanged since they were designed".

However, Jefferies says: "Over the past 10 to 20 years, luxury brands have increasingly been able to raise the prices of their handbags and use more premium materials so in the future the top of the market is likely to become less dominated by Hermès."

Heritage Auctions says that as well as Hermes, Chanel's iconic flap bags "are always favourites for the paparazzi to catch on the celebrity arms of the world's most famous".