Aussie 7s skipper to miss rest of 2023 World Series

Australian Men’s Sevens captain Henry Hutchison will miss the rest of the 2023 World Series campaign after suffering the “biggest setback” in his “career to date.”

Playing in front of their home fans at Allianz Stadium late last month, the Aussie Men’s Sevens team were dealt a devastating blow during their Cup quarterfinal against France.

Sevens veteran Hutchison was helped from the field early in the second-half with a significant injury to his right knee and left ACL.

But the extent of his injures go well beyond that.

In fact, Hutchison might be one of the toughest players in Australian rugby today.

The 25-year-old had sprained his wrist and broken several ribs during the Hamilton Sevens the week before, but was clearly determined to don green and gold in front of the Sydney crowd.

As the reigning World Series champions prepare to continue their title defence without their inspirational skipper, Hutchison has opened up about the “challenges” he’ll face this year.

“Obviously with the 2023 World Series being an Olympic qualifying year, I’m super disappointed that I won’t be able to contribute any further on the field,” Henry said.

“However, I’ll be doing everything in my power to contribute to the team in a positive way.

“I’m hoping that my injury gives new boys the opportunity to develop their game and add new depth to our squad.

“There are a lot of talented footballers on this side – I’m anticipating that someone will step up and get the job done in my absence.

“One of the biggest challenges for me over the next 9-12 months will be keeping my mind active and staying focused.

“The training and the rehabilitation will be the easy part – the mental endurance required for recovery will be the focus area for me.

“I know I have a lot of support at Rugby Australia, as well as from my family and friends, and I’ll rely on all parties to keep me moving in the right direction.

“Injuries are a part of football – they come with the territory. This is the biggest setback I’ve faced in my career to date, but I have full faith int eh rehabilitation team I’m working with.

“I know they will go above and beyond in getting me back to my pre injury state.

“I aim to come back to rugby a better player and a better athlete, mentally refreshed and ready to roll into a big 2024.

“People may view my injury as an incident that has robbed me of a playing year – I don’t see it that way.

“It has given me time to get my body right – I’ve been going pretty hell for leather for six years now. I’ll find the silver linings wherever they may be.”

The Australian Men’s Sevens team are back in action later this month, and will be eager to improve on their disappointing performance in Sydney.

They’ll go head-to-head with some of the best players and teams in Sevens in Los Angeles.