Digicel supports NRL Nine’s Tournament in Ha’apai

Digicel’s CEO, Anthony Seuseu extended the team’s support for the NRL Nine’s Tournament held in Ha’apai last weekend with branded giveaway packs as prizes to support the games.

The NRL Development Manager for Tonga, Tavake Fangupo received this support valued at 1500TOP that was an indication of Digicel’s continued support for sports development amongst youths across the country. 

The Nine’s tournament was part of the Fe’ofa’aki ‘a Kakau Festival in Ha’apai.

Digicel is moving towards building a strong relationship with the National Rugby League (NRL) team in Tonga and fostering local talents in Rugby.

Digicel and NRL have always had a strong partnership in the past with projects such as Healthy Living and Wellbeing which focuses on young children in most primary schools across the Kingdom.


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