Fatialofa faces $200 thousand medical bill

Former Hurricanes rugby lock Michael Fatialofa is facing a $200 thousand medical bill after several months in hospital in England recovering from a broken neck.

Fatialofa is walking again after initial fears he would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of life after breaking his neck while playing for English club Worcester in January.

The UK Telegraph is reporting there is now debate over who picks up the bill.

He was treated at the Royal Buckinghamshire private hospital for a month costing $75 thousand and then was due to be moved to the Stoke Mandeville public hospital however there was no bed for him there and he had to stay at the private hospital for four months.

Worcester claim to have been advised Fatialofa's care would be paid for by the public health service seeing there was no room for Fatialofa at the public hospital.

Fatialofa though has now received invoices for $200 thousand of health care say the Telegraph.

Fatialofa's rugby career is now over with his contract with Worcester finishing on June 30th. He was due to move to a French club but that contract was cancelled after his injury.

$80 thousand dollars has been raised by the Rugby Players Association charity but a source told the Telegraph the bills are beyond his means.

A further complication is that Fatialofa's visa expires soon but he needs to remain in England for follow up treatment before he is able to return to New Zealand.

Worcester co-owner Colin Goldring has promised Fatialofa will not be forced to pay the bill.

"He won't be out of pocket because he is one of our boys...and we will protect him and look after him," said Goldring.