Fiji rugby star fronts court for alleged Covid-19 quarantine breach

A Fiji sevens rugby star has appeared in court for allegedly breaching Covid-19 quarantine restrictions.

Vatemo Ravouvou and two other men were alleged to have left their quarantined rooms to drink kava and alcohol last week.

The trio were granted $US470 bail bonds and three sureties.

The matter was adjourned to 27 October.

Meanwhile, the military said a soldier working at a border quarantine facility had also breached the rules.

Army Commander Rear-Admiral Viliame Naupoto said the officer came into contact with those in the quarantine facility.

Naupoto said the soldier will be "dealt with severely" when he completes his 14-day isolation period.

"They had to put him into quarantine because he had come into contact with people in the facility," he said.

"He certainly will be dealt with severely as we are serious about what we do at the quarantine facilities.

The commander said the last thing needed is for those who come into quarantine to be breaking the rules.

"Quarantine protocols become null and void when someone breaches them."

Naupoto said the military was assisting the Health Ministry at the facilities.

He urged his soldiers serving in the quarantine facilities to be vigilant.

"I've advised them to pace themselves," he said. "It's a long haul as we don't know when this will end.

"They have been at this from day one and we'll be here for a little longer."

Naupoto said the army only sent officers to the border quarantine facilities who were under 35 years of age.