Mum's the word for hungry Pangai

Tevita Pangai Jnr has credited his new three-year deal with the Broncos for being able to bring his parents to live with him in Brisbane and the dietary benefits are already agreeing with the Tongan powerhouse.

His mother Olivia has been living with the 23-year-old for a week and his father Tevita Pangai snr was set to arrive on Tuesday.

It is the home cooking of his mum, and in particular a Tongan dish made with taro leaves, coconut cream, onion and meat that has Pangai, and his favourite dining companion Matt Lodge, licking their lips.  

The Brisbane forward said his mum had been a "huge" influence on him.

"Sometimes I get a bit excited when her cooking comes but she is always trying to slow me down and make sure I only have one plate," Pangai grinned.

“Lodgey loves a traditional Tongan dish called Lu … with taro leaves and coconut cream. We always cook it every week for Lodgey because Lodgey loves it. I have one plate and Lodgey has three. That’s why I probably prefer back-row.

"[The Broncos] gave me good money to move my parents up. Now they don’t have to work they can live with me full-time. My mum can do my washing and cooking, so that is good.

"My mum moved up last week and my dad moves up today. I’m pretty excited. My little brother is up here so it has been great."

When they dine out it is plates of Lebanese dishes at their favourite restaurant Little Beirut that Lodge and Pangai like to sample.

On the field it's the metre-eating that is their go, and Pangai said Lodge's three-year extension at the Broncos just a day before he put pen to paper was a great boost to his own goal to be a Bronco for life after he fielded interest from other clubs.

"It was huge," Pangai said of Lodge's commitment.

"We were always talking about staying and we were geeing each other up that wherever he goes I will go. We always knew that deep down we love Brissie, we love the lifestyle and the club. The club has looked after us tremendously so it was an easy decision to stay.