NRL star Josh Aloiai breaks his silence on his brother's BLM controversial video

NRL star Josh Aloiai has broken his silence about his brother Ethan Aloiai, who posted a controversial video calling the Black Lives Matter movement "toxic and dangerous".

West Tigers Second rower Josh told PMN News he blew up his brother's phone as soon as he saw the video.

"I made it really known to him, I wasn't happy about the video, I wasn't happy about the approach he took to get his message across".

The eight minute long video sparked outrage online, not only because of Ethan's view, but how he went about proving his point. 

At the BLM protest that took place in Auckland earlier this week, Ethan wore a 'Make America Great Again' hat, which is closely associated with US President Donald Trump.

Although Josh didn't support the way Ethan went about it, he understood the message behind it.

He says: "From what I understand, adding violence to more violence to prove a point is not going to do anything for us, but how he went about showing that message was obviously not good."​

The video has racked up more than 6000 comments and 900 shares, many of them abusing Ethan as a racist. 

In the video he referred to his wife as a Pacific Islander, and not himself, although he is half-Samoan.

But Josh says: "I asked him why he didn't just say he was Samoan, and he just said, it was the first thing that came to his mind.​

"He's obviously not a racist, he's Samoan, our family is Samoan, I've represented Samoa, it's just absurd and blown out of proportion."

It's blown up so much his family is now receiving death threats.

Josh says: "What's mind boggling to me is that all these people that are marching for justice, some of them are the same people that have been sending him death threats and have been sending our family death threats, how is that okay?"​

After receiving such negative backlash, Ethan posted an apology to his Facebook.

But the apology has been criticised for not being genuine, with one Facebook user saying "it's just for show". 

But Josh says: "The apology is sincere and him owning his mistake.

"I talk to him before he posted up the apology, he realised he had done some damage, but there's so much hatred in people, that dissected it into a thousand pieces.

"There's no way his apology was going to please everyone no matter how genuine it was, and yes he's hurt some people, but what more do you want him to do?" says Aloiai.

Facebook users have called for Ethan to take down the video.

Josh says he doesn't know if that would make a difference because the damage has been done.

He says: "Ethan is someone that has made a mistake, he's a good guy, he's one of my best friends as well as my brother, so I'm not appreciating all these people getting violent and sending death threats."

He believes adding evil on top of evil is not the way to go, and there needs to be a better way.