Becker can't find his trophies

Former tennis champion Boris Becker does not know where his Wimbledon trophies are, he has told a jury.

The six-time Grand Slam winner told a London Court he would hand them over "tomorrow" if he had access to them, as a trial into his alleged failure to declare assets continues.

Mr Becker, 54, was declared bankrupt in 2017, with nine trophies and medals among assets he is accused of failing to declare.

He denies 24 charges against him.

The German former world number one told the court he has sold his properties to help fix his financial situation and he owned "lots" of trophies and memorabilia from his career, but some are now missing.

Previously, Mr Becker told the court of his shock and embarrassment at being declared bankrupt, adding the bad publicity had damaged "brand Becker" and reduced his earnings.

He won 49 singles titles in 77 finals over his 15 year career.