Boxer Junior Fa: 'I’ll just beat him up throughout the fight'

Tongan boxer Junior Fa is returning to the ring to fight Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne as an undercard for a major bout in Melbourne next month.

Fa says he’s feeling excited and prepared for his first fight since his loss a year ago against Joseph Parker.

“A lot of time has passed. A lot of time for me you know get my butt into gear and into the right mind frame. Finally to have a date where I get back in the ring is awesome.”

He says he’s been honing his skills and looking forward to coming out of this one with a win. Fa, who's 32 years old, is up against a fighter who's 13 years older, though they both stand at 1.96m (6ft 5 in).

“[Lucas Browne] is a big man, he’s a tall man but I believe I’ve got a far better jab, far better mover, I am a lot younger too. I know he’s going to bring his experience.”

Covid-19 slowed down the boxing world over the last two years with only a few promoters were putting on shows during the height of the pandemic. Fa says overseas travel and quarantine restrictions slowed down things but he’s ready for this fight.

​Fa will face Browne on 5 June in Melbourne.