Coach: Win has given players self-confidence

The PNG Kapuls arrived back in the country this afternoon in good spirits after their historical win over Tahiti.

Coach, Flemming Serritslev said the game was won in the same way as the first game last week in Port Moresby.

“This time, since we were equal in playing numbers, we had the upper hand for most of the match.

‘We knew that victory in the second match was absolutely necessary to continue in the World Cup qualifiers.

“Now that we have reached this first goal, our next goal is to beat the Solomon Islands in the Solomon Islands,” said Serritslev.

Serritslev added on that the feeling in camp was good and the team deserved the win.

“I think I’ve succeeded in giving the players self-confidence. That’s really important going into a match that the players believe in themselves and believe in the team.

“Every time we put the PNG uniform on, we fight for the country. We want to make all Papua New Guineans proud,” said Serritslev.



Troy Taule