Joseph Parker wins by brutal fifth round knockout against Shawndell Winters

Joseph Parker has knocked out American Shawndell Winters in brutal fashion in the fifth round of their heavyweight fight in Frisco, Texas.

Parker landed 68 power punches to Winter's 28, saying in the post-fight interview that he was looking to be a bit more patient in the fight.

He also said he was open to fighting anyone in the top 10, including Dereck Chisora, who he was meant to fight last year.

The 28-year-old also said he was open to a rematch with Englishman Dillian Whyte, who he lost to in 2018.

Round 5 - That's it! Parker wins by knockout after a beautiful combination. A big right hand did the damage initially, but there were a few more punches that landed as Winters wemt down.

Round 4 - Parker has been cut under his right eye. He continued working inside where Winters dominated. The cut came from a left hook from Winters. The American will take that round.

Round 3 - Parker drops Winters with a bomb of an overhead right! Winters beat the count and then was saved by the bell. Parker should look to finish it in this round, you would think.

Round 2 - Parker let his right hand go a few times in that round, only landing one overhand right though. He spent most of the round working inside where Winters landed shome shots of his own. Still Parker's round though.

Round 1 - We're underway and Parker comes out with two or three jabs. Parker was the more active of the two fighters, jabbing nicely and backing Winters up into a corner at the end of the round. Barry wanting Parker to throw his jab more. Parker's round, easily.

2:12pm - Parker is now coming into the ring at the Ford Centre, the second of the two fighters to make their way to the ring.

Preview: Parker said yesterday he would look to use his significant weight advantage after coming in at 111.3kg yesterday, an almost 17kg advantage over the 39-year-old Winters, who weighed in at 94.35kg.