Silver Ferns draw line in the sand with Constellation Cup win

The Silver Ferns' are thrilled to finally win the Constellation Cup after 11 attempts but you could never accuse coach Dame Noeline Taurua of getting carried away with success.

Yesterday's 45-43 win in Christchurch featured another stunning second-half fightback from the Silver Ferns, something that became a trademark of the series, which they won 3-1.

Dame Noeline said winning the elusive cup was "massive" but the celebrations won't linger.

"They've been amazing games and I think we've all ridden the ups and downs of the whole week …it's good to seal that one, put it in the trophy [cabinet] and move on."

Dame Noeline said she got a lot of intel from the series and was happy to get all 14 squad members out on court.

"So I sort of know what the players play like under the world number one and also I think it's just a progression as we lead into the Commonwealth Games and also the worlds so I'm elated."

Explaining another comeback win, Dame Noeline said the Ferns' had a tendency of rising as the game progressed.

"And we get momentum, we get a better feel and once we prepare we actually are quite lethal when we open up the space."

She said substitutions had also worked well for them again.

"There's a difference when change ups do happen …the introduction of new people coming on court it changes up, it stops the momentum of the Australians but also we get a bit of vibrancy I think in regards to our court play.

"Also probably defensively with Karin [Burger] coming in and she had a bit more punch on that attack and probably was able to compete especially on that first ball so that probably put a bit of doubt in the Australians' minds."

Silver Ferns' captain Ameliaranne Ekenasio said when they went into final quarter trailing by one, they knew they had to make a move.

"We'd said it ever quarter break pretty much but that one really really was it and it just felt like it had been building and the momentum was finally on our side, and we really took it with two hands," Ekenasio said.

One of the stand-out performers of the series was Sam Winders and Dame Noeline admired her grit.

"You can see the passion and the fire, I don't know if it's her hair or what but it oozes out of her skin. I think the work rate is extremely high I think she had a great series if I'm going to be honest. She was sort of one of those that was out in the wilderness as well to some respect and really cemented herself at that wing defence position and fought for it too," Dame Noeline said.

Although the Ferns' coach learnt more about her midcourt options as a result of the series, she said it didn't make it any easier.

"It probably makes it harder but I think what happens now is that we're clear on what needs to happen in regards to the programme and the plan over ANZ. And they'll go back into their own teams and …hopefully we can see the progression in specific areas. So I think with the likes of the Maddys [Gordon] and the Whitney's [Souness] and some of these players …now that they've been out there they know exactly what they need to improve on."

There's still a question mark over the centre position with Claire Kersten starting there for the first three Tests, before Kimiora Poi impressed, getting the nod last night.

Dame Noeline said the Silver Ferns' still had vulnerabilities.

"I think there's moments where we are actually rattled to be honest and I think to some degree we do it to ourselves. There's an area that we have to look at our style and how we can keep the ball moving.

"But in saying that …the massive grind from our team and that tenaciousness and not giving up and I think when changes are made they come in and make a massive impact straight away so there's good signs for us and very positive."

The Silver Ferns have come a long way, now adding the Constellation Cup to their stunning World Cup victory in 2019.

Ekenasio said the despair felt in 2018 when the Ferns failed to medal at the Commonwealth Games, wasn't something she thought they would feel again.

"I don't think we'll ever go back there …and not just the results the feel in the team as well too is something that we will continue to build a legacy to never go back there as well," Ekenasio said.

"It's taken a lot of work to get here where we are today …we've drawn a line in the sand and I don't think we'll go back there."