Tonga and Japan discuss sports and rugby assistance for Tonga

Tonga’s Dr Tevita Ambassador Mangisi met with Naohito Hayashi and Rika Oka from the Kochi Prefectural Government to discuss their ongoing assistance to sports and rugby in Tonga.

After raising ¥1, 150, 000 (USD11,073) from a direct appeal to residents of Kochi Prefecture to fund the purchase of rugby balls for rugby development in Tonga, the Embassy was informed that the donation of 200 rugby balls will be provided and intended for the outer islands in Tonga.

Joining the meeting was  Sinali Latu, President of the Tonga Japan Community, and Intern Yukino Saigo, the community said on its social media platform.

Tonga continues to value its close and cordial relationship with the Government and the People of Kochi Prefecture and are grateful for its ongoing assistance and friendship.

Kochi Prefecture was a host to the `Ikale Tahi during the World Cup 2019 by way of providing accommodation, training facilities and grounds, training apparel, transport, and meals.


Photo supplied Tonga-Japan Community