Tonga introduces high performance concept

The Tonga Football Association are keen to take football in the nation to a higher level and are making a start with its coaches.

TFA Technical Director Kilifi Uele recently hosted a two-day workshop to introduce a high performance concept to coaches which began the C Licence process last year.

“Some of you might be responsible for our national men’s team or women’s U-20, and this guideline will assist you,” Uele told the group.

“The Tonga FA values, vision and mission are all in the guidelines together with the concepts of the TFA High Performance.”

The concept for high performance stresses the importance of planning and setting up an environment which offers the best possible conditions for players to excel.

Unaloto Talasinga was assistant coach for the Tonga U-19 women’s team in 2017 and is undergoing her OFC C Licence at the moment.

She said the workshop was well timed as it gave her an extra boost in her desire to complete the coaching accreditation.

“I was so happy to be called on to attend because I’m still doing my practical and won’t rest. I believe this concept that we received today is so useful to me.”

Talasinga also takes the Lotoha’apai women’s side and believes there are plenty of rewards to the job, although it’s not an easy one.

“Coaching is not an easy task. There are a lot of challenges.”

The workshop was also attended by Fililangi Ta’asi, chairman of the technical sub committee and TFA General Secretary Lui ‘Aho.