USA’s Cummings sets new record in Youth M73kg event of IWF

Nineteen-year-old Clarence Cummings of United States of America won the Youth M73kg Group A title after breaking his own record which he set at 191kg, in the IWF Junior World Championships in Suva.

Made his debut in the competition back in 2016, Cummings successfully lifted 192kg in his third attempt.

In the “snatch” category, he lifted 145kg in his first attempt but was unsuccessful in his second and third attempt with 148kg and 150kg respectively.

In the “clean & jerk” category, Cummings lifted 180kg in his first attempt, 185kg in his second attempt and his record breaking 192kg in his final attempt.

His overall weight lifted is 337kg.

Marin Robu of the Republic of Moldova, came in second place in the overall categories lifting a total of 320kg for this event.

Maksad Meredov came in third after lifting a total of 312kg in the overall categories for this event.