2016 US Elections

US election hacking: Putin 'sought to help' Trump

The unclassified report says the Russian leader "ordered" a campaign aimed at influencing the election.

Moscow has not commented, but Russia has previously denied the claims.

After being briefed on the findings, Mr Trump stopped short of accusing Russia of interfering, saying only that the election outcome was not affected.

The 25-page report says that the Kremlin developed a "clear preference" for Mr Trump.

Celebs moving if Donald Trump wins

It happens every presidential election.

Some star will declare that if their candidate does not triumph, they shall be fleeing for our northern neighbor. Or Europe. Or outer space.

Here's a list of a few celebs who have threatened to be out of here should Republican candidate Donald Trump win the White House on Tuesday.


The superstar singer has been Cher-ing all her feelings via Twitter this election season.

US anticipates its new president today

Polls opened at 06:00 on the East Coast (11:00) GMT, though three New Hampshire villages voted soon after midnight

  • Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump voted early on Tuesday
  • Results are expected towards midnight (05:00 GMT on Wednesday) once polls close on the West Coast
  • A BBC poll of polls puts the Democratic candidate ahead by four points
  • More than 45 million voters cast their ballots early ahead of election day


The hubris of the 2016 candidates

They're not just the most unpopular presidential nominees in recent memory: In the epic drama of the 2016 election, they're also tarnished heroes who are perpetually humbled by their own self-defeating flaws.

The rivals, playing out their tragicomic duel on the grandest electoral stage, are like two Shakespearean protagonists falling prey to hubris, the excessive pride that can make a politician believe the rules that govern normal mortals do not apply to them.

Obama on Trump: 'Even most 8-year-olds' know slavery was a bad time for black people

"I think even most 8-year-olds will tell you that whole slavery thing wasn't very good for black people," Obama told ABC News in an interview that aired Friday on "Good Morning America." "Jim Crow wasn't very good for black people. What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress in the future."

Clinton wins Kentucky, Sanders takes Oregon

It took a last-minute campaign blitz and a significant financial investment for Clinton to win the Kentucky Democratic primary by half a percentage point over her stubborn primary foe Bernie Sanders — in a state she won by 35 percentage points over Barack Obama in their 2008 primary clash and where her family has deep political roots going back decades.