Gigantic rugby ball breaks world record with its size ahead of Rugby World Cup

The giant ball was introduced to a gathered crowd in South Molton before a large crew carried it to a kicking tee.

The ball measures in at 5.98 metres in length with a diameter of 3.70 metres and was made to official rugby specifications, meaning it could be played with - in theory.

Guinness World Records attended the unveiling and confirmed it to officially be the world’s largest rugby ball, beating the previous record held by the one used to promote the Hong Kong Sevens tournament in 2011.


2019 has more superhero movies coming out than any year ever

New movies in the Marvel and DC extended universes are set to be released, in addition to two X-Men spinoffs, new Hellboy and Spawn movies and a long-awaited sequel to Unbreakable.

There was six live-action superhero films released in 2018, seven in both 2017 and 2016 and less in the years before.

Roger Federer hoping for another good year

Federer's career looked to be on the wane after he sat out most of 2016 with a serious knee injury.

But the 37-year-old has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence over the past two years, with the world No.3's hot form further cementing his status as the greatest ever player.

Federer won the Australian Open and Wimbledon among seven tournament wins in 2017.

And he added another Australian Open crown in 2018 to take his career grand slam title tally to 20.

Rugby Tens on hold for 2019

Tournament chief executive Rachael Carroll said it was "a real shame" and the postponement was "a very tough call".

"We've considered many scenarios for 2019 but, unfortunately, we haven't been able to come up with a viable option."

The potential impact of the world cup on player availability was a factor that could not be ignored, Ms Carroll said.

"While that is disappointing, we do understand and accept the requirement of the competing nations to place the world cup at the forefront of their planning."

NZ may vote on marijuana legalisation in 2019

The government is currently debating whether to hold the referendum in 2019 because it's not sure holding it at the 2020 General Election would be a smart move politically.

The referendum on legalising marijuana was part of the confidence and supply deal struck between Labour and the Greens - although Winston Peters' backs one too.

Justice Minister Andrew Little said the government's contemplating holding it next year, rather than in 2020.

NRL set to play 2019 match in US

Multiple media reports say the game is set to be played in the US, with planning already underway to make it a reality.

It is likely that the two sides who play in the US would be given extended breaks on either side of the long trip in order to deal with the minimum 12-hour flight players would face in both directions.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg told Fairfax Media that planning was well advanced.