Agriculture sector

Australia partners with Digicel to boost agricultural productivity in Fiji

Traditionally, farmers have relied heavily on inherited farming knowledge and practices to establish and manage their farms. A major challenge for the industry remains timely access to the latest farming advice.

This innovative project hopes to connect farmers to the latest information and advisory services to help boost their productivity. The project will first undertake market research to determine the information needs of farmers across several regions in the country.

Tonga agriculture sector yet to fully recover from 2018 cyclone

CEO of Agriculture – Dr Viliami Manu says the major impact is mostly on the coconuts.

Radio Tonga reports coconuts and Tongan kava roots were impacted since the drought season in late 2015 to 2016 and were also badly affected by the cyclone.

The estimated cost of damage in the agricultural sector from Gita was 5.1 million pa’anga according to the figures shown on the Post Disaster rapid assessment by the Government of Tonga.


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