American Samoa

Clinton, Sanders try to woo American Samoans

In what's known as 'Super Tuesday', American Samoa joins 12 other states and territories in voting for their preferred Democratic party presidential candidate.

Party caucuses are the only time American Samoans can have a say in the selection of the United States president, as they cannot vote in the US general elections.

Our correspondent Fili Sagapolutele said while Bernie Sanders does have some strong support, Hillary Clinton has a successful history in the territory.

25 suspected cases of zika recorded in American Samoa

According to a Health Official the delay in sending specimens overseas is because the Honolulu lab which American Samoa uses has not been paid.

Our correspondent said New Zealand confirmed that one of its cases of Zika was traced to American Samoa.

American Samoa pay hike welcomed

A federally mandated increase in the territory's minimum wage has come into force following a three year wage freeze, despite opposition from the business sector and some in government.

The latest wage hike is a compromise, with the Senate passing a 40 cent rise to be in effect for three years, instead of the proposed 50 cent rise.

An employee at StarKist Samoa, Line Tauatama, has welcomed the increase.

Workers laid off in American Samoa

Two of the workers say that in letters with their Friday wages, they were told a shortage of funds was the reason they were being let go, not their job performance.

The workers have been told the Department hopes to rehire them in the new fiscal year.

American Samoa minimum wage to increase despite moratorium

American Samoa's Congresswoman Aumua Amata Radewagen's office says a deal has been worked out with the local tuna companies that will provide some increase in the minimum wage but not the 50-cents that had been set.

Behind-the-scenes negotiations have been going on for weeks, forced by objections to a complete moratorium from Georgia, which is home to a rival tuna processor.

Congresswoman Radewagen made a tearful plea to the House.

Pacific marks six years since deadly tsunami

On Saturday, American Samoa held a memorial service for the 34 victims killed there.

The names of the children, father and mothers, who died in the tsunami were read and monetary awards were presented to the children who lost their parents.

The money was donated by the One Global Family organisation, founded by Laura Ava-Tesimale.

The Governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga said the pain and suffering endured by families of the victims of the tsunami still lingers on and will never end.

Cousteau adds voice to American Samoa protest

Large fishing vessels from the United States may soon be allowed to fish temporarily in the territory's protected waters which are reserved for local 'alia' or small fishing boats.

The American Samoa Governor wants the US Government to dismiss a call for longliners to be allowed to fish in the territory's Large Vessel Protected Area.

Lolo Moliga has asked the US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to reject the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council's resolution to allow longliners access.

American Samoa Governor says US must protest fishing zone

Lolo Moliga has asked the US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to reject the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council's resolution to allow longliners access.

If the council's resolution is approved it would temporarily allow vessels of 15 metres or longer to fish within 20 kilometres of the territory's shores.

At the moment the area up to 80 kilometres offshore is reserved for alia fishing.

Samoa Bowl to be held in Hawaii

The annual event pits high school all star players from American Samoa against mainland and Hawaii players in football and volleyball.

The Director of Athletics for American Samoa's Department of Education, Tumua Matuu, says the move is about gaining maximum exposure for local athletes.

Governor Lolo has offered to provide financial support and the DOE will raise the rest of the funds needed to cover remaining expenses.

Matuu says volleyball and football have provided nearly 200 college opportunities for American Samoa athletes within the last five years alone.

Classes taught in Samoan rile some in American Samoa

The senator Galeai Tuufuli says he has advised the department to seek a law change if the Samoan language is to be used in school instruction.

At the moment English is the formal language of instruction and Samoan can be used for clarification.

There have been claims in parliament some classes are being taught in Samoan.

The government established two committees earlier this year in a bid to establish dual language teaching in American Samoan schools.