Pacific mourns the loss of a great artist

Alo, who is President of Samoa Arts Council, passed away after a battle with cancer on Tuesday.

The council’s Vice President, Vanya Taulelo says it is a great loss for the council and Pacific as a whole as Alo worked hard for arts and Pacific culture.

“Allan (Alo) worked tirelessly for the arts and especially for the performing arts as he was passionate about his Samoan culture and the culture of the Pacific people.”

The afterlives of famous artists

What even fewer people realize is that following his death in 1973, it took six years -- and $30 million -- to settle matters between seven heirs and deal with his legacy.

When an established artist dies, what happens to the art? Family squabbles and long legal battles, often spanning decades, can paint a picture of greed that puts soap operas to shame.

French artist turns chicken for three-week egg hatching

How? By incubating 10 eggs with his own body heat.

He will live inside a glass vivarium until his charges hatch, watched by visitors to the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris.

Poincheval expects the process to last between 21 and 26 days.

"I will, broadly speaking, become a chicken," he said.

The artist, 44, began the performance - titled "Oeuf" (Egg) - on Wednesday.

Rather than sitting on the eggs directly, he is deploying a chair with a container under its seat.