Beulah College

Prime Minister applauds Beulah College’s initiative

Hu’akavameiliku praised the school and its management for the milestone achievement.

As Minister of Education and Training, Hu’akavameiliku applauded the thinking and the work put into ensuring the plan materialized for the benefit of students who study at the Tonga Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church managed school.

“Government’s vision for education in Tonga is to offer the best education and learning to our children,” Hu’akavameiliku said.

New industrial arts building for Tonga’s Beulah College

The new school building replaces the IA building, which was damaged by Tropical Cyclone Gita in 2018.

There are three classrooms and a storeroom, at a value of TOP$627,467.37

The construction was carried out under the Pacific Resilience Programme (PREP) project led by the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC) and co-funded by the World Bank and the  Australian Government.

Digicel Provides Workplace Experience for IT Students

The Digicel Technical Manager, Lionel Tu’inukuafe, and his team welcomed forty Forms 3 and 4 students including teachers from Beulah College’s Computing and ICT Subject and took them for a tour of the Digicel Network Operations Centre.

“This is a very good opportunity for students to be exposed to the kind of work we do in the Technical Department and for our team to engage students who may be potential Digicel employees in the future,” said Lionel.

Chinese Ambassador opens Home Economics classroom at Beulah College

The classroom which is funded by the Chinese Government was opened by Ambassador Huang Huaguang.

In his remarks, Ambassador Huang said, he is glad to open the new home economics classroom on the happy occasion of the 120 years celebration of Beulah College and is confident that the new classroom will play a positive role in enhancing the teaching environment of Beulah and improve the skills of the students to better prepare for the future employment. 

Boarders sent home after typhoid confirmed in village

Principal Mele Vaihola said today he boarding house had remained closed since late last month to prevent the risk of typhoid being contracted by any of its students.

She said school continued as usual for their 357 students but the 70 percent who boarded had been let off due to the typhoid case.

“We decided it's best to take this precautionary measure to be on the safe side because we have so many students boarding and food is always being brought from outside by their families to eat,” she said.