Chinese police

Chinese police crackdown on fake Peppa Pig products

They seized toothbrushes, shampoo and other children's products bearing the image of the cartoon character.

The raids came in response to complaints by the local agent of British company Entertainment One, which holds the trademark.

The British cartoon character is increasingly popular in China.

The Chinese agent for Entertainment One had spotted the counterfeit products offered on major e-commerce websites and subsequently informed the police.

China says it has arrested 15,000 people for cybercrimes

Police throughout the country have investigated more than 7,400 cases of possible cybercrimes, including hacking, online fraud and illegal sale of personal information, resulting in 15,000 arrests, the ministry said. It did not say when the arrests were made.

Authorities launched a six-month special operation to clean the Internet in July, but some of the cases date back as far as December.