Man jailed after stabbing partner and another woman faces deportation to Tonga

Manu Hausia has been jailed for six-year six-month term. His sentence was reduced due to factors including Hausia’s guilty pleas, his difficulties in serving a jail term in New Zealand, and his previous good character, reported New Zealand media.

The judge “also noted that Hausia would likely be deported at the end of the jail sentence”.

Hausia, 28, pleaded guilty at the High Court in Christchurch in December to four charges: attempted murder, injuring and wounding with intent, and assaulting a child.

Katie Hopkins deported from Australia over quarantine rules

Ms Hopkins - who has often drawn anger for racist remarks - had entered the country to star in the reality TV show Big Brother Australia.

On Friday she posted a video from her Sydney hotel room where she joked about putting frontline staff at risk.

Her comments sparked widespread anger.

In the video, Ms Hopkins said she planned to "lie in wait" for workers to deliver food to her room so she could open the door "naked with no face mask".

Tonga PM says he needs advice from AG’s office on Bloomfield deportation

“This case is fragile,” Mr. Tui’onetoa said.

“Someone must come and give me the court decision and advise me of what I should do.

“While we are waiting for that we should not do anything that goes beyond our understanding, especially myself.”

Bloomfield has been charged by the Attorney General of Fiji with offences concerning general dishonesty and theft alleged to have been committed in Fiji between 2011 and 2014 when he was acting head of the Oceania Customs Organisation.

The Attorney General sought to extradite Bloomfield to Fiji to stand trial.

Immigration Tribunal orders deportation of Tongan-born NZ resident

The man was convicted and sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment for four offences of sexual violation by rape.  The offences were committed between 1 August 2014 and 8 December 2014.

He was also convicted of an indecent act upon a girl 12–16, for which he was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, which was served concurrently.

Kaniva News reports the minimum term of imprisonment imposed by the judge was five years; the appellant is therefore first eligible for parole on  May 29, 2022.

He has also been convicted of a number of drink driving offences.

Sri Lankan in Tonga on fake passport facing deportation

Vaseeth Samsudeen arrived at Fu'amotu Airport in May last year, and presented an illegal French passport he said he bought from a colleague in Hong Kong.

He had told police after being arrested that it was his intention to go to New Zealand and seek asylum.

Samsudeen had told the court he feared for himself and his family after he had witnessed the murder of aid workers in the Mutur area of Sri Lanka, and that was why he wanted to seek asylum.

But the court heard that he had previously been deported from Britain to Sri Lanka in 2015.

Tongan with failing kidney fighting to stay in New Zealand

A tribunal has ordered Sosefo Lakalaka to leave New Zealand by 16 May.

Mr Lakalaka said he and his family were very sad that his appeal to stay in New Zealand was rejected.

The 53-year-old received a kidney transplant in New Zealand a decade ago but it's now failing and he wants to stay because Tonga can't provide the treatment he needs.

In November last year New Zealand's Immigration and Protection Tribunal denied Mr Lakalaka's appeal against deportation.

Australia deports Pasifika people to NZ who have never set foot here: 'It's wrong'

Two men deported from Australia landed in Christchurch in the past two months, stepping foot on New Zealand soil for the first time.

One man, Fofoa I Vaoese Toese Pei, was born in Samoa. He isn't fully aware of how he qualifies as a New Zealand citizen.

The other, Arona Pere, was born in the Cook Islands, and has been sent to New Zealand because of the New Zealand citizenship that comes with that.

They are part of a growing list of people being deported from Australia to New Zealand.

Mr Toese Pei moved to Australia from Samoa when he was 10-years-old.

Fears over deportations to cyclone-ravaged Tonga

Immigration New Zealand said today there were no imminent planned deportations to Tonga, and it would take a pragmatic and compassionate approach to the issue.

"INZ always takes into account all the circumstances in an individual case before going ahead with any deportations, including the effects of Cyclone Gita," a spokesman said.

But Richard Small said while deportations may be suspended for a short period, officials needed to think about how long it would take for countries to recover from natural disasters.

Move to deport disabled Fijian man put on hold

Sagar Narayan, 20, was told he had until Friday to leave the country after his residency application was turned down because of the cost of looking after him.

His father Lalit K Narayan said there were no remaining relatives in Fiji and he feared his son wouldn't survive on his own.

He told RNZ News earlier this week he was putting his faith in the new government.

His local MP, Labour's Carmel Sepuloni, wrote to the previous immigration minister asking them to reconsider.

Mexico warns citizens in US after woman deported

In a statement, the foreign ministry said the case of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos illustrated "the new reality".

The mother-of-two was detained on Wednesday when she went for a routine check-in with immigration officials.

President Donald Trump has promised to crack down on illegal immigrants with criminal records.

Garcia de Rayos, 36, had pleaded guilty in 2009 to using forged documents to get a job and was issued with a deportation order in 2013.