Seeds bound for Tonga to help farmers replant after volcanic eruption

Both food gardens and commercial production were affected by the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano, two weeks ago.

As Tonga begins to rebuild and farmers look to replant their gardens - organisations like the Pacific Community, SPC are stepping forward to help.

SPC’s head of Land Resources Pila Kami said it was the ash that caused the most damage.

“We grow a lot of sweet potatoes or dalo – we also grow a lot of yams. A lot of these root crops will need be harvested and replanted,” he said.

PIF reaches out to Tonga following devastation by volcano and tsunami

Puna said like the rest of the Forum family, he is shocked by the volcanic eruptions in Tonga.

“Even from the relative safety of Suva, we could feel and hear the eruptions which rocked the Kingdom and large parts of the region to its core.”

Puna said he is anxious about the safety and welfare of the people of Tonga and pledge the resources of the Pacific Islands Forum to Tonga.

He will try and speak with the Prime Minister once communications have been restored.