Digicel awarded fastest mobile network in Four Pacific Markets

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This award reaffirms Digicel’s unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched network speed and world-class connectivity experiences to its valued customers across the Pacific region.

The Speedtest Award™ is a highly esteemed acknowledgement in the telecommunications industry, benchmarking and celebrating the providers who excel in delivering the fastest data speeds and reliable network performance.

Digicel announces five weekly cash prize winners in Tonga Tu’uloa campaign

The names drawn are:

  • Elina Raass from Toloa wins $500 cash (Recharge Offer)
  • Sesalili Huahulu from Folaha wins $500 cash (Prime Bundle Offer)
  • Isikeli Afuha'amango from Vava'u wins $500 cash (EVD Offer)
  • Puli'uvea Vaiangina from Nukunuku  wins $500 cash (Sim Acquisition Offer)
  • Muimuinoa Lamelangi from Kolovai wins $100 Shopping voucher (MyCash Offer)

The Tonga Tu’uloa promotion offers Digicel customers the chance to Top Up $10 or more and go into the draw to win cash prizes every week.

Digicel Tonga Tu'uloa promotion weekly $500 cash prize winners announced

The names drawn are:

  • Manase Tu'inauvai from Nukunuku wins $500 Cash (Recharge Offer),
  • Cassandra Fonua from Fo'ui wins $500 Cash (Prime Bundle Offer),
  • Filipe Fisi'italia from Hoffa wins $500 Cash (Sim Acquisition),
  • 'Akau'ola Veamatahau from Vava'u wins $500 Cash (EVD Offer)
  • Lisiuini Tu'ungafasi from Kolomotu'a wins a $100 Shopping Voucher (MyCash Offer).

The Tonga Tu’uloa promotion offers Digicel customers the chance to Top Up $10 or more and go into the draw to win $500 cash every week.

Australia’s biggest telecommunications company acquires Digicel Pacific

Telstra will continue to invest in and operate the business across its six South Pacific markets – Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Nauru, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Oliver Camplin-Warner, Telstra International CEO, said the deal was an exciting milestone for the Digicel Pacific business and its customers in Tonga.

Digicel delivers life changing high speed internet services to the people of the Pacific

Using a Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) link for the first time, Digicel will deliver high-speed internet to remote regions using equipment that’s easy to transport and install, even at sites located around forests or near large bodies of water.

Digicel launches ‘Rise Up Tonga, Tonga Tu’u ‘o Ngaue’ campaign

The theme is about coming together as a nation to help Rebuild Tonga. The special offers valued at $100,000 Pa’anga specific to this 3-month rolling umbrella campaign is centered around rewarding and delighting our customers every week and every month. The concept is all about helping families around Tonga and help them Rise Up by lifting their spirits during these challenging times.

Digicel celebrates International Women’s Day

At Digicel Pacific, this theme celebrates the great efforts of our women across our five markets - Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Nauru in shaping a more equal future, accepting differences and celebrating diversity.

Digicel sets-up donations platform for Tonga

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “This donation platform will help our diaspora and Pacific family to make donations simply and make a difference with much required relief efforts in the island. We wanted our wider family to take part in this important campaign so we have launched a text donation platform and the MyCash app donation mainly for the diaspora community.”

Digicel will match a dollar for every dollar donated by our customers for up to TOP$250,000 with all donations going directly to the Red Cross Tonga and Mordi Trust, both are local NGOs.

Digicel ready to assist customers during Tonga lockdown

Digicel’s calls, texts, and limited internet services will be up for all customers during the full lockdown.

 Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “All our retail shops will be closed for five days. Our customers need to top up their phones today because you don’t know when you would need to make that all-important call or send text messages to friends and family. From tomorrow, the only way you can top up phones will be from friends and family from overseas or via *888# using MyCash if you are in Tonga.”

Bad weather hampers efforts to fix microwave link in Tonga

The microwave link would restore telecommunications in the Vava'u and Ha'apai group of islands, which have been cut-off from the outside world since the volcanic eruption two weeks ago.

Digicel's chief executive in Tonga, Anthony Seuseu, said he's now organising for a satellite terminal to be sent to Vava'u.

"You know because the weather forecast is bad for the next week, and we also have been trying for the last few days to get on to Kao, I can't wait any longer, I need to get some form sort of communication to Vava'u.