Digicel promotions

Mosa’ati Ma’u wins $200 family dinner voucher for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Home & Entertainment Promotion

Mosa’ati’s, from the island of ‘Eua which is about an hour away by ferry from the main island of Tongatapu, was unable to receive his prize today but he nominated his sister, ‘Ana, who resides in Tongatapu to receive the award on his behalf.

“Thank you Digicel for continuing to help our people in many ways like today’s award,” Ana said.

Mosa’ati signed up with the Digicel’s home internet 30GB monthly plan three years ago and has continued to be a loyal customer since then.

Felanuaki Taka and Malia Vuna win shopping vouchers for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Top Up & Opt In Promotion

Felanuaki won the $200 shopping voucher for mothers at the Molisi Save supermarket while Malia won the $200 shopping voucher for fathers at the Pacific Timber & Hardware.

Felanuaki said she was surprised and grateful for receiving the prize. She said that when I saw the 123 number calling me, she was not sure whether to answer because she had tried before with the Shake it cash call promotion and she was not lucky.

“But I decided to answer and what good news!” she said with a smile. She could not wait but drove over to the Digicel head office.

Sitiveni Takai wins $200 cash for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Diaspora & Online Top Up Promotion

“I was out working at the farm when I received the call that I had won this prize. I told the person on the phone that I’m coming over right away!” Sitiveni said with a broad smile on his face.

Sitiveni usually receives $60 a week on top up from his family in New Zealand.

He spends his top up on buying the 30GB data plans for his home internet use and regularly opts in to the $8 weekly Voice & SMS plan for local call and texts. He said he relies on the internet to do his research and to buy equipment for his farm.

Digicel's first Valentine’s promotion winner!

The 56-year-old won K1,000 from Digicel by simply buying a data plan through short code *777#.

The promotion began on February 1, and will see K14,000 in prize money given away to 14 lucky winners until Tuesday, February 14.

Parker said he was shocked when he received the call from Digicel notifying him of his win.

“Thank you Digicel for the prize money. And keep up the good work,” he said.