Digicel Tonga

Digicel partners to help the most vulnerable in Tonga

Partnering in with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), together with MORDI Tonga Trust in providing cash assistance for 800 families in Tonga who were directly affected by the recent crisis, the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption and tsunami that occurred in Tonga on 15th January. 

IOM provides cash assistance to 800 vulnerable households in Tonga

The programme is supported by the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) and Tonga’s Recovery and Resilience Building Plan and is financed by the United National Central Emergency Recovery Fund (UN-CERF).

The cash assistance programme addresses the urgent needs of 800 families, with each family receiving TOP$489 (USD 220). If two or three nuclear families are living together in one house, each family is treated separately and are eligible to receive the cash assistance individually.

Digicel presents $250,000 TOP to Tonga Red Cross to rebuild Tonga

The Digicel team started its community outreach by visiting homes that were affected in Ha’atafu, Kanokupolu, ‘Ahau, Sopu, Popua and Patangata with food packs and water after the eruption and tsunami on January 15th. The team also visited Holty’s Hideaway, Vakaloa Beach Resort, Liku’alofa Beach Resort, Heilala Lodge, Fafa Island Resort, Pangaimotu Island Resort, Ha’atafu Beach Resort and Royal Sunset Beach Resort to donate $8500 TOP to each resort to help with the rebuild of their businesses.

Digicel Tonga donates relief funds to resorts in Tonga

Digicel’s CEO visited Holty's Hideaway, Vakaloa Beach Resort, Heilala Holiday Lodge, Fafa Island Resort Tonga, Ha'atafu Beach Resort, Liku'alofa Beach Resort, Pangaimotu Island Resort & Royal Sunset Island Resort on Atata Island to donate and help them in these difficult times offering $8,500 to each resort.

Anthony Seuseu, CEO of Digicel Tonga said; “Digicel is blessed as a team and as an organization to be involved in giving back to the community. It is humbling to be welcomed into the homes of people across the country.”

Digicel Tonga technicians repair key remote tower at Kao Island

The team had to travel to the remote site to assess the situation, carry out repairs and restore communication from Kao to Vava’u, Tongatapu and Ha’apai.

The tower at Kao is the link to connect the three island groups and it’s vital to pass communication onto these islands.

The Kao site was built in 2016.

Kao Island is a 45-minute flight from Tonga’s international airport.

The team had not visited Kao in the last two years, neither had they used this medium of communication since 2019 when the fiber was cut for the first time.

Digicel data services fully restored after outage caused by volcanic eruption

The Kingdom was brought offline after a break in the international undersea cable which connects Tonga with Fiji and then to rest of the world, because of a volcanic eruption last month.

The cable had multiple faults and breaks due to the volcanic activity and the submarine repair vessel worked for more than 2 weeks to fix it.

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said that incidents related to submarine cables are considered a force majeure, which presents a challenge for local network operators.

800 families to be assisted in Tonga

Joining Sai Prema Foundation in this effort are Life Flight Fiji, Digicel Tonga, Punjas Fiji and YachtAid Global who have all come together to help the people of Tonga.

The relief packs are basic essential food items to assist the families affected. Sai Prema Foundation Director said that the Foundation saw it as their duty to help the people of Tonga.

Digicel distributes 500 packs in West Tongatapu

The areas in West Tongatapu were severely destroyed as a result of the tsunami that hit Tonga on 15 January.

Over 100 packs were distributed amongst the community in Kanakupolu, ‘Ahau and Ha’atafu.

Other packs were also delivered to households in Sopu, Pangatangata and Vuna Road who were also affected.

As Digicel supports children with special needs, food packs were also delivered to homes of children directly affected by the recent devastation. 

Digicel restores intermittent internet connection in Tonga

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “We are thrilled to get internet connectivity back up in the Kingdom. Apart from our prepaid customers, we also managed to connect some business customers - ANZ, BSP and the National Reserve Bank of Tonga, Tonga Power, Lulutai Airlines, Air New Zealand and the Western Union.”

ANZ Bank Tonga’s Senior IT Support Officer, Maikolo Pifeleti thanked the Digicel team for their hard work and resilience during this difficult time.

Digicel working round the clock to establish international communication with Tonga

Our domestic network in Tongatapu is active and we are working to restore international connectivity. Digicel’s engineers and the technical team are working on the issues and hope to have them resolved in the shortest time possible.