Digicel Tonga

Balelaugasau Wins Digicel Top up Promo

 “This is unbelievable,” he said with glee. “Every time I top up and buy a plan, I receive text messages saying that I have entries for a chance to win prizes, but I never thought that it would be today, that I’m now that winner. I told the caller from Digicel, ‘Yes absolutely! I’m coming to collect the prize.”

He expressed his gratitude to Digicel. “I feel that Digicel has rewarded me for all the top up and the buying of plans.” He said that the cash will go to his family shopping this weekend

Digicel Rewards Loyal Customers

Customers can now top up and receive points instantly that they can use to redeem not only free calls, SMS and data bundles but also shopping vouchers and free 4G mobile phones.

Digicel Tonga rewards Alusi Napa’a for Top Up promotion

“This is my first time to win a prize from Digicel and I’m extremely happy right now,” she said.

“This reward will go toward my preparation for the annual September celebration month for women.”

Napa’a has been a Digicel customer for 12 years and today she was very surprised to be told she had won a share from the Top Up promotion prizes.

She said her husband, who cannot return home yet from abroad due to the pandemic lock down, sends regular online top up.

Deep Rai Kumar Wins Free Digicel TV Subscription

“It’s very big for me…being a lucky winner, this is my first time,” said Mr Kumar. He was rewarded as the winner for the month of August.

Mr Kumar said the monthly subscription for Digicel PlayTV is affordable and worth having. His family really enjoys it and there’s a channel for everyone -for his children and his wife. Also, his mother-in-law, who stays at home, finds the various Indian channels and programs entertaining.

Sosefina Havea & Pohiva Lalakai Rewarded With $200 Each

 “This is unbelievable,” Sosefina, an army officer from Fahefa,  said “I was at my training session with the army when my phone rang, I immediately excused myself to answer the call. I saw the number was new and that’s not normal because all contact in my phone have names, so I decided to answered the call with no intention at all that I would be getting $200 cash today” she said.

Digicel Supports ACTS School Literacy Initiative

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu said, “We are proud to support ACTS Community School’s effort to lift the literacy standards of the students across all levels of learning, and that through this reading development program give the students’ ability to read a good boost."

“We take pride in being part of initiatives that benefits our communities here in Tonga, which in this case is education, and ways that will make a difference in students’ learning and ability to succeed in their future,” Seuseu added.

Finau Lolesio Wins $200 for Top Up & Opt In to Win Promotion

“I was on my usual routine –weaving to make mats, when I received the call from Digicel that I had won $200!” she said.

“I was so surprised when I was told that Digicel will give me $200 cash. It felt so rewarding, I felt revitalized as if my hard work had paid off!” she exclaimed.

Finau said she started with $5 top up but recently changed to $12 top up. She appreciates the plans offered by the company for it helps her with day to day job working from home on her handicraft. 

Digicel Tonga Sponsors LTE Connectivity for the Tonga Red Cross Society

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said, “We are proud to support the Tonga Red Cross Society’s initiatives to maintain strong disaster preparedness and the promotion of humanitarian value and social welfare in Tonga.”

Sione Taumoefolau, Secretary General for Tonga Red Cross Society, said, “We appreciate the full support provided by Digicel for office connectivity and staff communication which will strengthen the Society’s delivery of its key support particularly to the most vulnerable communities in Tonga.”

Digicel completes TOP $1.8m LTE upgrade for all sites in Tonga

Now all sites are upgraded to LTE network and Digicel Tonga is the first operator to achieve this on the island.

Digicel completes TOP $1.8m LTE upgrade for all sites in Tonga

Now all sites are upgraded to LTE network and Digicel Tonga is the first operator to achieve this on the island.