Digicel Tonga

Lesieli Fakatele wins $200 in Digicel Top Up Promotion

"I was at home doing some housework when I received the call from Digicel to tell me I've won this money and it really made my day!” Fakatele said.

The 44-year-old mother of nine said she would top up with up to $100 from the local stores every month and would buy either the $5 or $10 data plan to stay in touch with her friends and family on social media.

Fakatele said the cash will help with her children’s school fees and stationeries.

Digicel launches Easter Together Campaign

Anthony Seuseu, Digicel Tonga’s CEO said; “This year’s theme reminds us all of what’s most important during Easter for every Tongan and that is communities celebrating together hope for all mankind through Jesus Christ. It’s about being generous; being able to share more love, life and laughter this Easter season.”

The Easter Campaign is giving away $10,000 in cash and prizes with a suite of offers that includes lucky draws to win weekly cash & credit, smartphones, laptop, free Home Entertainment subscription, return flights with Lulutai Airlines and more.

Digicel supports NRL Tonga Voices Against Violence programme

Anthony Seuseu, Digicel Tonga’s CEO said; “We are excited to partner with NRL Tonga to support its delivery of the Voices against Violence education programme within the 30 high schools throughout Tonga this year.”

Seuseu added, “We also recognize International Women’s Day on March 8th promoting equality and empowerment of women. This partnership with NRL Tonga enables us to reinforce this message directly to our children in high schools, especially our boys to respect and value women accordingly.”

Kalina Mikaele wins smartphone in Digicel Electronic Top Up Promotion

“I’m very grateful for such a wonderful surprise from Digicel,” Mikaele said.

“I feel valued as I receive this prize.”

Fifty-three-year-old Mikaele said she believes in the convenience offered by Digicel’s electronic top up platform.

“It’s better compared to using the scratch cards and so much easier and I know it because I’ve signed up to be a Digicel top up agent where I provide electronic top up for Digicel customers.”

She said she enjoys Digicel’s prepaid services particularly the $20 data plan, SMS & Voice Combo and the international call plan.

Digicel rewards Mele He’ehau in Recharge Promotion

“This has really made my day, I still can’t believe my luck –thank you so much Digicel,” He’ehau said. “Today, I’m here at the hospital to see the doctor but this phone call from Digicel to tell me I’ve won this money really makes me and my mother really happy! Thank you again Digicel.”

The 17-year old student said she usually buys top up from her local store and also receives top up from her relatives overseas. She said she often buys the 7-day Prime Ma’alahi Bundle which has a lot of data, and she’s learning more about the new apps. 

Toa’ila ‘Aleki Jr Cocker wins in Digicel Home Internet Promotion

“This is really good news for me and my family today –thank you Digicel,” Cocker said.

Thirty-four-year old Cocker, father of two and a mechanic said he finds Digicel’s home internet quite useful for his work life. “I’d buy the $65 plan for my work emails and things I need to download, and of course for home communications,” he said.

Cocker said he buys the $20 Prime Ma’alahi Bundle once a month through MyDigicel app and he’s starting to use the new apps.

‘Otu Mahe wins phone in Digicel’s Electronic Top Up Promotion

“Malo ‘aupito Digicel for this new telephone gift,” Mahe said. “I did not expect to win this prize but because of this I feel encouraged and thankful to Digicel for offering me this chance to be part of those who win.”

Mahe said he finds the EVD top up very convenient for him instead of using the flex cards he would often get top up about twice a month at his local store where he receives his credit sent from the store’s smartphone.

Digicel Play TV rewards Taniela Malupo with shopping voucher

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank Digicel for this prize,” Malupo said. “My parents will be very happy when I go home to give them this prize.”

Twenty-year-old Malupo currently attends Tupou Tertiary Institute. He said he really enjoys Digicel Play TV. “My favourite channels are Sports, Discovery and the movie channels.” Malupo said his siblings prefer to watch the cartoon channel.

He said he will join his family and go to PTH to buy some good things with the voucher.

Toa’ila Hurrell Rewarded with a Shopping Voucher for TV Promotion

“Thank you Digicel for this wonderful prize,” Hurrell said. “I enjoy Digicel’s service and I’m thankful for this chance to receive this prize.”

Hurrell has been a Digicel Play TV customer for many years now. She and her family enjoy the various TV programs that comes with the 40 channels on the Ultra Plan subscription.

Hurrell said she’s looking forward to going shopping at PTH for her family and home needs.

Nini Fotu wins $200 cash in Digicel’s Recharge Promotion

“I’m so thankful today for the unexpected prize,” Fotu said. “Thank you very much Digicel for giving us this chance to be part of the giveaways.”

Fotu, a housewife, said she recently started to buy the Prime Ma’alahi Bundle and is learning about the new apps. She regularly buys $20 top up to buy the monthly voice and text bundle plan in order to stay in touch with her family and friends.

“This money will go towards buying food and other necessities for the family,” Fotu said.