Drug arrest

Tongatapu couple arrested, wife found with methamphetamine in her bag

The Police arrested the 29-year-old woman, her 43-year-old husband and another 24-year-old man from Ha’akame for possession and supplying of illicit drugs.

The Police arrested the couple after they intercepted their vehicle at a residence at ‘Anana Kaniva News reports.

“A further search was carried out at their Veitongo residence where the third accused was apprehended along with a pack of cannabis found in the room he occupies”, a Police statement said.

“Also included in the items seized were one scale, empty packs, and TOP$240 cash.

NZ Customs welcomes sentencing of man who tried to smuggle 109kg of meth

A statement said the seizure prevented up to $135 million dollars of potential social harm to our communities.

The man had travelled to Auckland from Sydney in June 2019, his first visit to New Zealand.

Two men arrested in latest drug raid in Tonga

A 42-year-old man from Ha’akame was arrested at Pahu with 10 packs of methamphetamine (4.76 grams), over $800 pa’anga in cash and drug utensils.

Following this arrest officers from the Drug Taskforce arrested a 38-year-old man from Hofoa with 0.35 grams of methamphetamine, over $700 pa’anga in cash and drug utensils from a vehicle at Kahoua,

The two accused have been charged accordingly with possession of illicit drugs and to appear at the Magistrate Court later.

Tonga Police Drug Taskforce arrest 8 men with illicit drugs

According to Police, the eight arrested are all males aged between 26 and 49 and they included four from Vaini, three from Tofoa and one from Lapaha.

Police seized 1.67 grams of methamphetamine, 20.61 grams of cannabis, drug utensils and over $600 pa’anga in cash.

The eight arrested included 4 men from Vaini, 3 from Tofoa and one from Lapaha all between the aged of 26 to 49.

All eight men have been charged accordingly and are in police custody to appear before Court at a later date.

Four arrested with illicit drugs in Tonga

A total of 639.68 grams of cannabis was seized by Police and His Majesty’s Armed Forces on Monday, 30 March 2020.

While enforcing the National Lockdown Order, Police Officers and officers from His Majesty’s Armed Forces seized illicit drugs from a rental car and arrested three men that they stopped at a lockdown checkpoint in Poutaha Tofoa.

According to Police, the three men, all from Tofoa aged 28 and 23, were arrested with 128 packs of cannabis (165.37 grams) ready for distribution. Drug utensils were also seized.

Tonga police continues war on meth, 2 men arrested

A 24-year-old man from Kolomotu’a and a 22-year-old from Fasimoeafi are now in police custody.

The suspects were arrested with methamphetamine by the Police Drugs Enforcement Taskforce at around 9:30 pm Thursday, 28 February 2019 from a home at Kolomotu’a.

31 packs or 14.53 grams of methamphetamine and 1 pack or 0.72 grams of cannabis were seized as part of raid.

The Taskforce will continue to target, detect and disrupt the supply of drugs and prosecute those responsible in order to keep our communities safe.

Tonga police arrest man with drugs and ammunition

The suspect was arrested from a bush allotment in Havelu on Tuesday with cannabis seeds, 10 live ammunition and drug paraphernalia.

He has been charged with possession of illicit drugs and possession of illegal ammunition.

The suspect has been remanded in police custody to appear at the Magistrate Court at a later date.

Around 10pm on Tuesday, the Police Drugs Enforcement Taskforce seized 29 cannabis plants from a bush allotment at Fonongahina.

No suspect has been arrested for this seizure.

Tonga police arrest drug suspect on Eua

The suspect was arrested on Thursday 13 December 2018 at Nafanua Wharf around 3:50 pm.

Inside the bag were 3.2 kilograms of cannabis suspected to have been intended for conveyance to Tongatapu on the domestic ferry that was to depart ‘Eua at 4:30 pm that day.

The Commander of the „Eua Police Station Inspector Loluhama Fine said, “We continue to focus on capturing and prosecuting those responsible for the supply of these destructive drugs that cause harm to our youths, families and our community.”

Tonga car search results in arrest for drugs

During a targeted patrol in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Police Drug Enforcement Taskforce officers came across a car with no registration number plate, which was parked in front of the Ocean of Light School at Hofoa.

While searching the car, Police found 10 packs of methamphetamine (3.48 grams), 1 pack of cannabis (0.87 grams), drugs paraphernalia and cash.

The suspect is in police custody while an investigation continues.