Drug offences

New Caledonian woman arrested for drug possession

Less than a gram of MDMA, three grams of Cannabis and a sheet of LSD was discovered during a car surveillance check last Friday night.

In jail, she has admitted to taking those substances herself but said that she was not selling.

She was released Wednesday after spending four days in jail.

The prosecutor in charge of the case said that the New Caledonian territory is minimally impacted by MDMA or LSD but a vigilance should be maintained.


Tonga Police arrest 6 people for drug offences

On Tuesday 12 April, Police conducted a search warrant for stolen property at a residence in Ha’utu residence where they arrested a 38-year-old man with drug utensils.

Two days later, a couple aged 57 and 49, was arrested from their residence at Ma’ufanga.

Police seized nine packs of methamphetamine (0.29 grams), $300 pa’anga, over 300 unused packs and drug utensils.

A 21-year-old man from Kolonga and two women in their 30’s from Lapaha were arrested at Lapaha for breaching curfew and for possession of drug utensils on Friday.