Stolen Facebook pictures of children paraded on social media account

Detective Senior Sergeant John Michael likens sharing pictures online to putting a child's polaroid on a lamp post

Many parents and family members are unaware of the dangers that can pose.

There will be more dead people than living on Facebook

The grim statistic was calculated by Fusion, which asked a PhD student to model a projection.

Hachem Sadikki, a statistics student at the University of Massachusetts, used Facebook user growth numbers, demographic data and death rates to pin 2098 as the year memorial pages outnumber the profiles pages of the living.


German court rules Facebook may block pseudonyms

The ruling is a coup for the social network firm which has long argued its real-name policy ensures people know who they are sharing and connecting with and protects them from the abuse of the wide-open Internet.

Wow: Facebook launches 'Reactions' worldwide

The social network rolled out "Reactions" - an extension of the "Like" button - worldwide on Wednesday, allowing people to display quick reactions such as sadness, anger and love.

In a video accompanying a blog post, the five new buttons appear as animated emoticons that pop up when the "Like" button is held down on mobile devices.

The buttons appear on desktops when users hover over the "Like" button.

6 tips to keep your Facebook clean, secure and private

Review your security and privacy settings, and make sure those casual acquaintances you met at a bar eons ago aren't still getting the most intimate details of your life.

Get rid of games and apps that might have latched onto your account years ago, but that you no longer use.

Here are six cleanup tips:

Facebook 'Friends Day' video falls flat with users

Facebook declared it so in celebration of its 12th birthday - gifting users a video of the friends they probably don't see as much since the rise of the social media giant.

The company used automated technology to collate photos of users and their friends, packing them together in a video collage, which can be shared publicly or viewed privately. 

Facebook's 'teen dating' groups are every parent's nightmare come to life

It has the full teen trifecta - sexting, cyberbullying and strangers - in one unmoderated public forum that anyone, of any age, can access.

Facebook Reactions: meet the new emoji revamping the Like button

Facebook's chief operating officer Chris Cox has revealed five new emoji buttons - Angry, Sad, Wow, Haha and Love - will be launched worldwide in the next few weeks.

The traditional "Like" button will still appear at the bottom of posts. If the user holds down the button on a smartphone, the five emoji options will be revealed.

Even Facebook can't help you have more than 150 real friends

For years, science has said that the limit is about 150.

Has Facebook - or other social networks, for that matter - managed to change anything? Can the Internet help us maintain more friendships?

An Oxford anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist who is one of the leading experts on those questions decided to take a look.

New Facebook feature will give News Feed updates when offline

Soon you won't need an internet connection in order to see what's going on in your friends' lives as Facebook tests offline News Feed updates.

The new offline/slow connection mode will give users something new to read even when in a signal black spot by showing previously downloaded but unread content from your friends' feeds.

Just like its online News Feed, the offline mode will rank posts based on their perceived relevance, meaning you won't simply be subjected to that random guy from work's inane chatter and breakfast snaps.