Fiji Elections Office

Observers readied for Fiji election

Mohammed Saneem took the observers through a comprehensive presentation on the elections process as well as the preparations of the Fijian Elections Office leading up to the issue of writs in late October.

Saneem said the observers will be deployed from today to various parts of the country where they will be observing electoral processes on the day of polling.

Fiji Elections Office makes pre-poll amendments

FBC News reports Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said this was done to meet the need of voters and in some cases, their safety.

He said FEO staff were unable to reach a pre-poll venue in Vanua Levu due to a flooded river and they will have to wait until the water subsides to cross the bridge.

He added in another case, schedules were moved to accommodate students, who are sitting their external examinations.

The SOE added any changes made to pre-poll schedules are updated to the general public as well as political party registered officers.