Fiji PM

Calls for Fiji govt to give updates on PM's health

Fijian social media has been buzzing with rumours that Bainimarama's health has deteriorated after undergoing heart surgery at a Melbourne hospital last month.

But democracy advocate Pita Waqavonovono said Fijian citizens deserved to know the health status of the leader of the country.

He said the government's decision to remain silent did not help quell such rumours.

No charges for Fiji PM over alleged assault

It's the latest in a string of defeats for NFP member Pio Tikoduadua, who said he was attacked by Frank Bainimarama on 9 August.

Footage leaked days after Mr Tikoduadua made the claims showed the prime minister grabbing and shoving him.

But Parliament's privileges committee cleared Mr Bainimarama of assault, and Mr Tikoduadua was suspended for six months after refusing to apologise for verbally abusing the prime minister in the House.

Fiji's PM convincingly survives motion of no confidence

After a lengthy debate on the motion, which was put forward by opposition MP Semesa Karavaki, the motion was defeated with 28 votes against the motion, 11 votes in favour and 11 abstentions.