Former president

Former Mongrel Mob president gives up gang life

Toko Kopu, 57, joined the gang aged 15, and rose to become president of an influential Mob chapter.

Life in the gang involved major drug deals, barking like dogs and using Nazi slogans like "sieg heil", he told Daily Mail Australia.

After a period that included robbing a bank and bashing a cop, Kopu traded in his patch for the controversial Destiny Church through its "Man Up" programme, which aims to raise better fathers, brothers and sons.

Young men often turned to crime and gangs because of absent fathers or abuse they suffered, Kopu said.

Mugabe cried, claimed he was 'betrayed'

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former loyalist, was sworn in on Friday and attention is focused on whether he will name a broad-based government or select figures from Mugabe's era.

The Standard newspaper quoted sources within Mr Mugabe's inner circle as saying the devout Catholic held a rosary as he told his close associates and a team of negotiators at his 'Blue House' Harare mansion that he was resigning. He announced the decision as parliament heard a motion to impeach him.

"He looked down and said 'people were chameleons'," one of the sources was quoted as saying.