Girls lose faith in their own talents by the age of six

They said the "disheartening" results suggested the problem could snowball to affect future careers.

The study on 400 children, in the journal Science, initially found both five-year-old boys and girls thought their own gender was "brilliant".

But then only one year later, gender differences had emerged.

The team from Princeton University, New York University and the University of Illinois said it appeared stereotypes were starting to show.


The women challenging sexism in e-sports

Two of the top female gamers talk to the BBC about how they are fighting discrimination and encouraging other women to play.

On Monday the e-sports industry awards take place in London to applaud the top players in the business but not one female player has been nominated.

Women seek pay rises as much as men - with less success

Women are as likely as men to ask for a pay rise - but are less likely to get one, the research found.

The study, by the Cass Business School and the universities of Warwick and Wisconsin, looked at 4,600 workers.

It found "no support" for the "reticent female" theory, whereby women avoided asking for more money.

Qandeel Baloch: How her murder reflects a divided Pakistan

 "Qandeel Baloch is an inspiration to those ladies who are treated badly and dominated by society. I will keep on achieving and I know you will keep on hating. Damn, but who cares."

It was for such provocative views that Ms Baloch was loved, derided and mocked.

She instigated a debate in Pakistan on whether choosing to defy family and societal norms symbolised women's empowerment or was cheap narcissism.

In death, too, what police suspect is an honour killing carried out by her brother reflects a deeply divided country.

Solomons' electoral officials consider gender

It is holding a gender workshop over the next two days, aiming, in the words of Chief Electoral Officer, Polycarp Haununu, to become a "more gender sensitive and transformative" organisation.

The "Gender and Us" workshop will help staff to develop a common understanding of what gender equality is.

Participants will develop a roadmap for gender mainstreaming in the Solomon Islands electoral cycle and gender policy governing the Commission.

He says the workshop will ask staff to consider their attitudes, behaviours, stereotypes and biases.