Facebook faces German WhatsApp data ban

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information said that the social network had not obtained effective approval from WhatsApp's 35 million German users.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn (£14.6bn) in 2014 as a way to reach out to a younger audience.

It is to appeal against the order.

"We will work with the Hamburg DPA in an effort to address their questions and resolve any concerns," it said in a statement.

The data watchdog said that Facebook and WhatsApp were independent companies and should process their users' data as such.

Sexism row grips German politics and shakes CDU

In an open letter Jenna Behrends, a newly elected CDU politician in Berlin, complained that sexism was rife in the party. She felt insulted when a senator called her a "sweet mouse".

Minister for Families Manuela Schwesig said sexist jokes were "unacceptable".

A Green MP also backed Ms Behrends.